Review of telehealth medical diagnostic system IDIS2GO in clinical practice

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Telemetry-based health diagnostic and monitoring systems are designed to provide rapid remote consultative-diagnostic medical assistance. With the help of such systems, medical staff can perform complete consultations and diagnostics at distances, in remote and rural areas, in places of disasters and armed conflicts, at ambulatory centers, and directly at patient’s homes.

IDIS2GO is a portable medical diagnostic system for remotely collecting, transmitting, and storing information about patient vital signs. IDIS2GO is an ISO and CE certified telemetry solution that is implemented widely into healthcare infrastructure and clinical practice around many countries: Austria, Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, and others.

What are the main features of IDIS2GO?

IDIS2GO includes the benefits of store & forward telehealth technology and EHR integration. The internet connection in the system provides transferring any medical information, access to a patient’s EHR, performance video conferencing among the health personnel involved in the treatment process. The cloud-based software gathers the working diagnosis data from a portable medical station in one place that is accessible to various health care professionals. 

Artificial Intelligence technologies interpret measurement data, and a medical staff uses this information to determine treatment methods and assess patient recovery rates.

“At our clinic, the telemetry system is more intended to provide diagnostic examinations and periodic health monitoring during treatment and rehabilitation. And we use it for monitoring the patients with chronic diseases at home and outpatient. The IDIS2GO provides a broader picture of the examination at this level, facilitating the rapid determination of the diagnosis and treatment. It’s easy to use. Patients and staff are happy with these examinations,” — says Dr. Tanya Mayer.

Also, the use of the IDIS2GO telemetry system allows hospital staff to provide the necessary care to assess the condition of patients requiring clinical attention. Thus, with IDIS2GO, doctors or nurses can perform diagnostics regardless of the patient’s location:

  • cardiac activity
  • blood oxygen saturation
  • respiratory function
  • glucose level
  • blood pressure and temperature, and other examinations.

What is the architecture of IDIS2GO?

Medical devices
A kit of necessary medical devices to collect patients’ health measurements.

Diagnostic software
The IDIS2GO application is collecting and processing indicators to create diagnostic reports. 

Cloud platform
Each examination carried out is stored in internal memory and transferred to a secure cloud storage facility.

What does the IDIS2GO kit consist of?

Such remote monitoring of health indicators is implemented by means of a remote diagnostic platform with a set of connected IDIS2GO devices, the basic configuration of which includes:

  • glucometer
  • urine analyzer
  • spirometer
  • infrared thermometer
  • pulse oximeter
  • 12-channel electrocardiograph
  • blood pressure tonometer
  • ultrasound scanner
  • patient monitor.

What groups of patients is IDIS2GO suitable for?

  • Self-isolated persons with COVID-19 symptoms
  • Patients who want urgent diagnosis at the clinic
  • Patients in rural and remote areas
  • Patients with chronic diseases
  • People with disabilities at home
  • Patients with limited mobility
  • Elderly patients
Short video review for IDIS2GO

IDIS2GO in the clinical practice of family physicians

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