IDIS2GO Telemedicine and Telediagnosis equipment in the Amazon Health Program (Brazil)

The Amazonas State Department of Health (SES-AM), along with the Amazonas Data Processing Company (Prodam), is working on improving and expanding health care by telemedicine in the interior. In a meeting held this Thursday (04/22), a new Telemedicine and Telediagnosis equipment was presented to meet this need. 

Currently, the SES-AM, through the “Amazon Health Program”, is offering teleconsultations in 10 municipalities, with total deployment forecast for 27 municipalities by the end of the year. The project is executed in partnership with Albert Einstein Hospital, financed by the Program for Support to Institutional Development of the Sistema Único de Saúde (Proadi-SUS).  

The Executive Secretary for Inland Care, Cássio Espírito Santo, points out that the partnership between SES-AM and Prodam serves regions that do not have access to certain specialties, strengthening telehealth, telemedicine, and teleconsultation. 


The new equipment presented by the company DOZE IT DOZE TI representing the Austrian company SK-Telemed in this project together with its partners have made several successful pilots and POC in the Northeast and South of the country. This equipment is to be acquired by Prodam, and its objective is to speed up the telemedicine services, especially in places far from urban areas, where there are often internet connection problems. The patient data can be stored in the equipment. 

This tool makes it possible to perform several interconnected exams in a single piece of equipment, which works as a tablet adapted to read temperature, glucose, urine analysis, electrocardiogram, oxygen measurement, blood pressure measurement, oximetry, and lung function measurement, with the capacity to integrate other exams that have a digital background such as: mammography, ultrasound, and X-ray. 

The CEO of Prodam, Lincoln Nunes da Silva, says that the agency works so that SES-AM can deliver the best possible service to the population. 

“This is a portable equipment that can be used anywhere. The transfer of information can be done via normal data line, via cell phone channel, and this gives flexibility for health to be able to identify patients with some problems quickly. This allows equipment like this to be taken to a Family Health Agent, for example, so that instead of letting the patient get to the medium and high complexity health chart, we can start treating the patient in primary care,” explained Lincoln.


According to SES-AM’s Assistant Secretary of Attention to Urgency and Emergency Mônica Melo, the main advantage of this telemedicine equipment is to give the health network the possibility to detect and care for patients, already in primary care, who have various pathologies, such as hypertension and diabetes, up to high complexity. It also gives the possibility to adopt strategies to monitor regions with specific problems.  

I see this tool as a great opportunity for the promotion and prevention of the worsening of the patient’s disease“, she said. 

For Secretary Cássio Espírito Santo, the equipment left the SES-AM management excited to insert it in the context of telemedicine expansion.

We are already in a process of placing support and diagnostic equipment in the municipalities. This will be one more tool that will add up; and we need to adapt it to this whole context to have more effectiveness and even within the need, as it is an extremely versatile equipment, to be able to adapt the options for use in various locations,” he said. 


Prodam must acquire this equipment and make it available to the State and City Health departments.

Source: SES-AM e Prodam avaliam tecnologia para expansão do atendimento por telemedicina

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