Continuing with the pilot program phase (tests of efficiency and functionality) of the the IDIS2GO system in Brazil, the Municipality of Colombo in the State of Paraná, which has more than of 250 thousand inhabitants, is making use of 2 kits made available for the care in basic health units in the region.

The presentation of the System to Mayor Helder Luiz Lazaroto was made by the MONDRY TECHNOLOGIES team, which represents IDIS2GO in the South of Brazil, and counted with the participation of the Mayor, Health Secretary, Nurses and with the presence of the General Director of the Health Secretary of the State of Paraná, Mr. Nestor Werner Junior, who showed great interest in supporting the implementation and use of IDIS2GO in all the Health Units of the State.

“The system will greatly speed up primary care for patients, especially for those living in remote areas (which is the profile of most municipalities). for those who live in remote areas (which is the profile of most municipalities in of Brazil), facilitating and relieving even the system of care in hospitals”, says says Nestor Werner Junior.

IDIS2GO is a complete telemetry and telemedicine tool and meets the most and functionality criteria, with European certification (Austria) and is already present in several countries in Europe, Middle East and others.

“Soon we will have the IDIS2GO system working in the main regions of Brazil, because we know that it is a very important tool to support the Health System in the country, especially because a large portion of the population lives in rural and remote areas, and IDIS2GO will facilitate the care in these regions” says Vânia Vieira, Director of Mondry Tecnologias.

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