Mr. Jorge Derbli, Mayor of the Irati Municipality spoke up about IDIS2GO Pilot Project in Irati in Brazil

Mr. Jorge Derbli expresses his satisfaction with IDIS2GO

After analyzing the results of the Pilot Project, of the IDIS2GO Company in Brazil (SK-Telemed group company) together with MONDRY TECNOLOGIAS, Austrian Company Representative in the South of Brazil, which was held from 19, 2020 until December 10 in Irati, Paraná and reached its conclusive phase after more than 100 days being tested by several Health Units in the Municipality.

Mayor of the Municipality Irati Mr. Jorge Derbli expresses his satisfaction with the results obtained in the Pilot Project:

«We were able to carry out the diagnosis of a patient in the interior, for example, without having to go to a health center. Irati takes the lead, thanks to IDIS2GO, because for us it is a change in the question of Irati’s health. And not only Irati, but in Paraná state and Brazil, because such equipment, the computer, the technology today come to associate telemedicine and bring this improvement in the living conditions of the people who need it. So, it is really a process and what happened? It was approved and we want to continue this so that we can, as soon as possible, have all this equipment available in the municipality to serve and improve the health of everyone», — Mr. Jorge Derbli shared the experience with the implementation of the IDIS2GO system.

There were more than 2,000 tests carried out by the Primary Health Care (PHC) attendants, facilitating the operationalization and screening of patients for appropriate care and referrals.

Let us remind you that IDIS2GO® is a telehealth medical diagnostic system to perform remote collection, transmission and storage medical information about the patient physiological parameters and vital signs. As a comprehensive IoT & cloud solution, the IDIS2GO product is actively used in remote healthcare, and is fully integrated into e-health systems in Brazil, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, and around the world.

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