IDIS2GO is the world’s №1 telemedicine diagnostic system!

Healthcare providers use it in rural areas, for patients with chronic diseases, elderly people, pregnant women, Anyone who has difficulty getting to the clinic. 

Such solutions are extremely topical during a pandemic:

  • for people in remote regions, rural areas
  • for people on self-isolation 
  • for patients undergoing dynamic health monitoring
  • for monitoring those vaccinated against the virus and others. 

Nowadays, IDIS2GO is delivered as a cloud solution, which provides for software (IDIS2GO app) and hardware (IDIS1GO kits with medical devices). There are two basic sets of devices: M (backpack) and T (bag).

Let’s take the example of М-kit. The basic kit includes a patient monitor, 12-channel electrocardiograph, infrared thermometer, pulse oximeter, spirometer, glucometer, and urine analyzer. But we also have additional devices to add, such as a dermatoscope, ultrasound scanner, fetal Doppler, multiple blood analyzers, POCT analyzer, stethoscope, and more. 

The standard workflow with IDIS2GO is as follows:

  1. The doctor is in his office. He gives the IDIS2GO-M backpack to the nurse or paramedic.
  2. The nurse goes to the patient. Using the patient monitor (this is such a small tablet), she must first enter the patient’s primary information. For example, his phone number, ID, first and last name, sex, date of birth. Preferably enter values for height and weight, and the system will tell you if they are normal.
  3. The main screen of the IDIS2GO application has a dashboard with all the devices connected to the system via Bluetooth or a cable.
  4. Next, the nurse selects the necessary device in the app, picks up the selected device, and takes a measurement of the appropriate health parameter. For example, body temperature – as soon as the thermometer records the measurements, they are immediately displayed in the app on the patient’s monitor. Additionally, thanks to AI, the IDIS2GO system will show whether the measurement is normal or not. Deviations from the norm are highlighted in red.
  5. In this way she takes the rest of the measurements. She can also attach video and photo files and text comments.
  6. The results of all examinations and measurements are instantly saved in the system cloud. 
  7. Each study has its own unique number. 
  8. On the other hand, all the examinations the nurse performed are immediately available to the doctor. Locally, they can be anywhere in the country, and the patient’s diagnostic results are accessible by a special code. 
  9. The doctor then analyzes the data, makes a medical report,  adds recommendations, and the IDIS2GO artificial intelligence assists in making the right decisions. 

A registered clinic on the IDIS2GO platform has the ability to:

  • to print diagnostic result files on your form
  • to make calls with a video extension
  • to track analytics for all connected kits
  • to monitor the work of each connected doctor who works in the system
  • collect and keep the necessary statistics on patients, and more.

The system is constantly evolving and improving. Today, IDIS2GO operates in 15 countries around the world. The platform is multilingual, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and other languages. 

IDIS2GO has a wide range of uses in various field conditions:  

  • in emergency medical care
  • emergency-rescue and military units
  • in the pre-hospital phase.

Schedule a demo call where we show you how the system works.

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