Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler

Personal Fetal Doppler is a portable fetal heart rate (FHR) equipment that is specifically designed for pregnant women to perform their daily FHR on their own.

Pregnant women can hear fetal heart tones on their own and calculate FHR to understand the purpose of pre-monitoring and fetal care. The device helps to control the heartbeat of the fetus at any time, and not only to prevent pathologies, but also to enjoy the beating of the baby’s heart.

Personal Fetal Doppler is a lightweight device specifically designed for comfortable use in hands.

Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler is intended for the detection of fetal heart rate from the 10th week of gestation.. It is intended to be used by professionally trained health care
personnel or pregnant women in hospitals, clinics or at home.

  •  FHR detection and display
  • FH signal intensity indicator
  • FH sound
  • FH icon
  • Switching off when no signal received for 2 Min
  • Battery indicator
  • Sound volume adjustment
  • Low battery warning
  • Bluetooth connection (Optional)
  • Sound volume levels
  • Sensor and Doppler in one case
  • Slim and compact design, portable
  • 2 Headphone jacks, allowing both mother and father to hear baby heartbeat
  • High sensitivity
  • Low ultrasound power affects far less than ultrasound in women’s counseling and higher safety
  • Low power consumption, two AAA size batteries can run for more than 8 hours for continuous use

Length*Width* Height: (48±2) mm× (39±2) mm× (147±3) mm Weight: < 180g