SpO2 pulse oximeter sensor

Non-invasive measurement of blood oxygen saturation and heart rate.

By measuring the absorption light during the wave of blood on the wrist, the oxygen saturation value of arterial blood can be obtained. The detected ripple provides the shape of the PLETH signal and the pulse signal.
The sensor’s wavelength is 660 nm for the red LED and 880 nm for the infrared LED. The maximum output power for the red LED is 6.65 mW, for the infrared LED – 6.75 m

  • Measuring range: 0 ~ 100%.
  • Measurement of capillary blood saturation with capillary blood oxygen, no more than 1%
  • Accuracy: 70% ~ 100%, ± 2%.
  • Pulse rate: 25-250 palpitations / min.
  • Heart rate measurement, not exceeding 1 palpitations / min.
  • error: in the interval 25 – 245 min, max: ± 1 palpitation / min.
  • measurement mode: finger clip type.

patients: adults, children.

Oximeter is flexible and adapts for required size.

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