POCT Analyzer

POC diagnostic device is used to test glucose and cholesterol levels, do electrolyte and enzyme analysis, test for drugs of abuse and for infectious diseases, and for pregnancy testing. Blood gases, cardiac markers, and fecal occult blood tests can also be done with POC diagnostic device. There are several advantages to doing the tests at the point of care, including quick results and faster implementation of therapy, if needed.

  • Only 10±5s, the analyzer gains reliable results
  •  The analyzer can detect 30+ parameters by auto-scan the code chip
  •  Capacity of 50000 results memory
  •  2-30℃ storage, no need cold chain
  •  External cleaning only, reduce the total cost
  • Auto calibration
  • Multiple parameters detection
  • Barcode reader
  • Small sample volume
  • Simple operation
  • Fast&Reliable results
Weight 1.5Kg
Dimension 173 x 210 x 75.8 mm