Hemoglobin Analyzer

Hemoglobin is an important indicator of general health and used as a diagnostic tool for anemia.

White blood cell count provides valuable information in the diagnosis or exclusion of an infection. A hemoglobin analyzer is an instrument used to determine the hemoglobin content of the blood by spectrophotometric measurement. Portable hemoglobin analyzer provide easy and convenient measurement.

  • Unique Microfluidics, the top domestic craft

Unique disposable microfluidic chip, one-time use, completely eliminate carry pollution

  • Small volume of blood test

7μL of blood volume is enough to support one test.

  •  Get test result within 3 seconds

Within 3seconds, HB analyzer will show your results on the big TFT display.

  • Big data storage

It can support storage of 2000 results.

  • Large physical button, permanent magnet suction feedback processing unit

After millions of tests, button is still as sensitive as ever

Power Supply:

  • The analyzer can be powered by AC adapter or built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Power requirements: AC 100~240V, 20VA 50/60Hz; DC 5V, 1A

The tester fits easily in the hand of an adult.

  • Smart TFT color screen
    True color screen, intelligent voice, humanized experience, data changes are always at hand
  • ABS+PC material is hard, wear resistant and antibacterial
    White appearance is not affected by time and use, and highly in antibacterial properties
  • Precision test result
    The precision of our hemoglobin analyzer CV≤1.5%, because adopted by quality control chip for the internal quality control.
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