IDIS2GO against COVID-19

How can IDIS2GO diagnostic system win COVID-19?

Coronavirus pandemic caused many hurdles in medicine. A lot of questions appeared – what should people do if going to hospital is dangerous or hardly possible, but diagnosis of vital signs to patients in self-isolation is mandatory in their case?

IDIS2GO is the answer! It is timely more than ever before. IDIS2GO is probably one of the best tactics against COVID-19 to perform high quality remote diagnostic procedures. It helps to connect the patient with a doctor without risks and provide the right diagnosis .

Daily physiological measurements

Which opportunities does IDIS2GO give in the battle with COVID-19?

Healthcare should focus on introducing health status daily monitoring and follow-up of prescriptions for patients in self-isolation and outpatient treatment. Common daily monitoring tasks for patients with COVID-19 includes measurements of body temperature, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, oxygen saturation level and heart rate.

These momentous tools for remote monitoring became possible with IDIS2GO. It is considered that every person carries coronavirus in different ways. Thus, it is required to do a lot of different analysis, which IDIS2GO perfectly provides.


Body temperature

(°F / °C) — 3-4 times a day every 4 hours


Oxygen saturation level

(%SpO2) — 3 times a day


Systolic and diastolic blood pressure

(mm Hg) — 2 times a day


Heart rate

(bpm) — 2 times a day


IDIS2GO is a solution for the fight with coronavirus which allows:

  • to prevent deterioration of patients with symptoms of coronavirus infection in time
  • minimize the number of in-person visits to clinics and medical facilities
  • reduce the burden on medical staff and the health care systems by transferring part of medical care into virtual care
  • collect, transmit and storage medical information about the patient physiological parameters and vital signs
  • exchange of examination & diagnosis results with MIS or EHR to reach out supervising specialists

Remote diagnostic for everyone and everywhere

Target patient groups

Ambulance crews, outpatient clinics, rural health care centers, as well as emergency and elderly care workers are using IDIS2GO to perform medical examinations and diagnoses on patients:

  • Patients who want urgent diagnosis at the clinic
  • Patients in rural and remote areas
  • Patients with chronic diseases
  • People who are at home in self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • People with disabilities at home
  • Patients with limited mobility
  • Elderly patients, etc.

The IDIS2GO system is a universal solution for remote health care in the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as for outpatient monitoring persons with disabilities and those who are restricted in movement.

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