Blood Glucose Meter

✅ The new device is in stock right now! #IDIS2GO with a Blood Glucose Meter Safe AQ Air available!

➕ Our telehealth medical diagnostic system #DIS2GO works worldwide and includes a wide range of connected medical devices. Recently we have added one more device on our system – Blood Glucose Meter. We continue to enlarge number of connected devices, including one product type.

🩸 The Blood Glucose Meter Safe AQ is a compact device, geared towards people with an active lifestyle. The meter only needs a 0.6 μl blood sample and makes measurements in 5 seconds. Safe AQ Air is equipped with an automatic strip ejector and comes with a lancing device.

ℹ️ Features:

  • trace blood;
  • rapid result;
  • bluetooth connection to #IDIS2GO App;
  • strip ejector.

More information here:

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