IDIS2GO bagpack

Review of telehealth medical diagnostic system IDIS2GO in clinical practice

Telemetry-based health diagnostic and monitoring systems are designed to provide rapid remote consultative-diagnostic medical assistance. With the help of such systems, medical staff can perform complete consultations and diagnostics at distances, in remote and rural areas, in places of disasters and armed conflicts, at ambulatory centers, and directly at patient’s homes. IDIS2GO is a portable medical diagnostic system for remotely collecting,…

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IDIS2GO Business Forum in Parana

IDIS2GO builds bridges with Brazil

IDIS2GO have no boarders any more! SK-Telemed participated in Business Forum in Parana state with IDIS2GO solution, made road show in Irati and Prudentopolis. After high interest we have performanced meetings in Brasilia in Ministry of Health in Brazil and found partners in Belo Horizonte. 2020 will start with pilot projects in Brazil, IDIS2GO has high demand in rural areas with lack…

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discussing IDIS2GO devices in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan welcomes IDIS2GO

We hosted our partnets from Kazakhstan – deep diving into devices of IDIS2GO and smart questions. We are glad to start our activities in Kazakhstan and introduce IDIS2GO as best solution for telemetry and remote diagnostic. Photos:

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demonstration IDIS2GO devices to doctors in Paraguay

Pilot project of IDIS2GO in Paraguay

We are ready to announce about conduction pilot project in 3 provinces of Paraguay together with Telmed del Paraguai company, which is part of SK-Telemed holding.In 3 months 876 people from remote areas received full range of diagnostics with IDIS2GO: 12-channel ECG;urine;glucose level;blood pressure analisys,spirometria;pulsoximetria;tempreture.All data was analysed by doctors from regional hospitals at the same time.Photos:

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