Webinar: Remote Patient Monitoring

It is a pleasure to invite you for a free webinar, 'Remote Patient Monitoring user cases and Q&A'. Would you like to join us? Principal issues: Telemedicine upgrade for health IT infrastructure: remote diagnostic, home diagnostic, RPM, medication management.RPM value for COVID-19, post-vactination and chronic patients during pandemic.Home care remote instruments during COVID-19 pandemic.Where is the value added Telehealth System…

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IDIS2GO is the world’s №1 telemedicine diagnostic system!

Healthcare providers use it in rural areas, for patients with chronic diseases, elderly people, pregnant women, Anyone who has difficulty getting to the clinic.  Such solutions are extremely topical during a pandemic: for people in remote regions, rural areasfor people on self-isolation for patients undergoing dynamic health monitoringfor monitoring those vaccinated against the virus and others.  Nowadays, IDIS2GO is delivered as…

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IDIS2GO Telemedicine and Telediagnosis equipment in the Amazon Health Program (Brazil)

The Amazonas State Department of Health (SES-AM), along with the Amazonas Data Processing Company (Prodam), is working on improving and expanding health care by telemedicine in the interior. In a meeting held this Thursday (04/22), a new Telemedicine and Telediagnosis equipment was presented to meet this need.  Currently, the SES-AM, through the "Amazon Health Program", is offering teleconsultations in 10…

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IDIS2GO in the Republic of Kazakhstan

We are happy to announce our exclusive distributor in the Republic of Khazakhstan — SLK-Asia Trade. The IDIS2GO telehealth medical diagnostic system is such a great decision medicine can make. It is a solution that saves lives and helps to create new ones. It is already working in 2 regions and serving people in remote and rural areas. Strong and…

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IDIS2GO in Mexico: Feedback from Jorge H Morales, Corporativo Neomedica

SK-Telemed GmbH has a reliable partner in Mexico, IDIS2GO is on board with Corporativo Neomedica! Jorge H Morales, Commercial analyst at Comercio at Negocios Internacionales, shared his experiences and impressions about using the IDIS2GO system: Jorge H Morales Lic. Comercio at Negocios InternacionalesTlalnepantla, México, Mexico  Today I used for the first time IDIS2GO from SK-Telemed GmbH a telemetry solution for remote diagnostics.…

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Presentation of the IDIS2GO system in the Assis Chateaubriand municipality (Brazil)

MONDRY TECNOLOGIAS, Representative of the Austrian Company SK-Telemed and the company IDIS2GO LTDA in the south of Brazil conducted the first pilot of IDIS2GO Medical Diagnostic Telehealth System in the Municipality of Irati in the State of Paraná. As it has perfomed satisfactory results, they decided to further publicize the use of the system in the unique health area of…

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Mr. Jorge Derbli expresses his satisfaction with IDIS2GO

Mr. Jorge Derbli, Mayor of the Irati Municipality spoke up about IDIS2GO Pilot Project in Irati in Brazil

After analyzing the results of the Pilot Project, of the IDIS2GO Company in Brazil (SK-Telemed group company) together with MONDRY TECNOLOGIAS, Austrian Company Representative in the South of Brazil, which was held from 19, 2020 until December 10 in Irati, Paraná and reached its conclusive phase after more than 100 days being tested by several Health Units in the Municipality.…

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primary health care practitioners - Brazilian IDIS2GO

Brazilian IDIS2GO pilot project has come to the end

The IDIS2GO Pilot Project in Brazil held in Irati (Paraná, Brasil) reached the final stage after more than 100 days being tested by several Health Units in the city. The telehealth medical diagnostic system IDIS2GO received very positive considerations from the Mayor, Secretary of Heath, nurses, and others involved. There were more than 2,000 examinations carried out by Primary Health Care (PHC) attendants,…

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IDIS2GO devices kit

IDIS2GO – telehealth platform with range of connected medical devices

IDIS2GO automatically collects diagnostic data and transmits it to doctor via cloud with unique examination number. Benefits for doctor and clinic: High quality diagnostic at any location of your patientWide range of diagnostic devices – portable mini-hospitalRemote access to diagnostic results: images, reports, and the ability to interact with the EHRPossibility to serve more patientsAI for doctor decision supportEasy to…

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